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Adaptamos cada producto a sus necesidades especificas (Tipo de bolsa, material, color cantidad, medidas, galgas o espesores, impresiones, tintas, etc.). Contáctenos y nosotros trabajaremos con usted para encontrar el producto que necesita.

Now you can highlight your company name, logo or personalized message on your bags without speeding a lot of time or money. Our Quick Printing service is the fast, economical way to advertise.

Artwork for Plastic BagsTransmitimos el estilo de su negocioNuestro departamento de diseño le ayudara y asesorara para obtener el máximo partido de su marca

Artwork for Plastic BagsTransmitimos el estilo de su negocioNuestro departamento de diseño le ayudara y asesorara para obtener el máximo partido de su marca
· Camera-ready artwork is preferred. · Use black and white only for logos. Paleta de colores· Specify font type. (Bold easy-to-read lettering works best.) · One color per side of plastic bag is allowed. Maximum Size of Artwork5"x5" artwork on 8"x12" plastic bags 7"x7' artwork on 12"x15" plastic bags 7"x8" artwork on 15"x18" plastic bags 8"x9" artwork on 17"x21" plastic bags

To e-mail, send one-bit black and white Windows Bitmap file (BMP). Do not fold artwork if sending by mail. Faxed artwork cannot be used. There is a one-time only charge of $25 for artwork preparation. We will fax, mail or e-mail a proof of your design for approval before printing of your plastic bags begins. Send all Information to: Freedom Plastic Bags Phone 1.800.950.1248 7173 32nd Ave S Fax 701.775.0797 Grand Forks, ND 58201 E-mail

Up to 4”x6” $50
Up to 8-1/2”x11” $65
Up to 10”x14” $85
Up to 11”x17” $110
Over 11” x 17” Call

One plate is needed per color, per side (a 1 color, 2 sided bag requires 2 plates, a 2 color, 2 sided bag requires 4 plates.
Ink • Customer must supply PMS color for each new job. Custom color matches are free of charge and are subject to a ± 10% variance.
Artwork • Artwork must be black and white on paper, minimum 300 dpi. Please provide separation for each ink color and a composite of how each color should be stacked. Halftones should be output at 35 lines per inch. Allow for 1/8” trapping between colors. Artwork on disk carries a minimum $50 charge for conversion.
Typesetting & Layout
• Custom typesetting is charged at $35/hr with a one hour minimum.
• Enlargement of art is $10 for each plate.
• Unless otherwise specified, all art will be centered on bags.
• A signed proof is mandatory to process your order We will not proceed with orders until we have your written authorization.

Electronic Art Work Requirements
February 26, 2002

For best results save all art in vector format, as a Photoshop openable EPS image file. Save each color separation as a separate file in black only.
It is impossible for us to foresee any and all issues with your artwork. Even art recieved in the specified formats below may not be acceptable without extra charges. Please call if you have questions.

ACCEPTABLE FILE TYPES (in preference order)

EPS: All text must be converted to curves (paths).

TIFF: Saved at 300 dpi or higher if possible. If art has no greyscale, convert to bitmap. Halftone screens are printed at 35 lpi. This will cause crisp black lines that have been anti aliased to appear jagged. If creating image in Photoshop turn off anti-aliasing, or convert to Bitmap.

PDF: YES. All text must be converted to curves. Bitmap images must be saved at highest resolution (follow the specs for TIFF files above), embedded EPS images must have all text converted to curves.

PHOTOSHOP: YES any version up to 5.5 - If using Photoshop text, render text layers. Areas that require halftone screens should be created without anti-aliasing.

COREL: YES any version up to 9 - Convert text to curves. Embedded bitmap images must be 300dpi or larger.

PAGEMAKER: YES any PC version up to 6.5. Include ALL fonts and placed
images. Placed images must meet TIFF or EPS format (see above).

ILLUSTRATOR: YES most versions, PC FORMAT. Text must be converted to paths.

Other image formats (jpeg, gif, pict, etc. . ) may be able to be used, with varying results. Charges WILL apply to these files.

If designing art for a multiple color bag that has overlapping colors, allow up to 1/8" trap between colors. Plastic bags tend to stretch and slip a tiny bit when going through the press.

Art charges will apply if art has to be modified in any way.



Pueden enviar a nuestro Email sus diseños creativos y nosotros le aconsejaremos para plasmarlos en nuestros productos.

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TEL:(575) 672-0850/ FAX:(575) 669-2828